No matter your business size, DBOX has a solution for you.

DBOX is a Seradex solutionSeradex applies over 25 years of expertise in manufacturing solutions and market intelligence to enable the delivery of personalized customer experiences to consumers around the world.

DBOX is the next level in a suite of products designed just for you.  Using the industry knowledge that comes from a quarter century of working with Manufacturing clients, Seradex was able to launch DBOX to meet the challenges of the new digital age of customer service.

DBOX enhances what you have now, letting you work in the way that you are most comfortable with while giving your clients, sales and dealer reps access to cutting edge, modern platforms that creates a unique and engaging customer experience increasing sales and repeat business.

We make it easy for your reps & customers to order the right products from you while reducing your costs, increasing your profits and keeping everyone happy and informed every step of the way.


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