Seradex Web Services has been in the business of helping Manufacturers grow and manage their business for over 25 years, with an ERP solution built for the made to order/ engineered to order market.

DBOX is the next level in a suite of products designed just for you. Using the industry knowledge that comes from a quarter century of working with Manufacturing clients, Seradex is able to launch DBOX to meet the challenges of the new digital age of customer service.

We don’t need to change your processes to improve them.

DBOX enhances what you have now, letting you work in the way that you are most comfortable with while giving your clients and dealer reps access to cutting edge, modern platforms to create a unique and engaging customer experience to increase sales and increase repeat business.

We make it easy for your customers to order the right products from you while reducing your costs, increasing your profits and keeping your customers happy and informed every step of the way.