If you asked your customers to rate their satisfaction with your service, would they give you glowing reviews; or would they say your products are wonderful but your customer service needs some work? Let’s face it, people don’t like to wait; in today’s digitally driven world access to instant and real-time information is expected.

Customer service can be a tricky and costly practice – people are generally unpredictable and are vastly different. So, how can your company improve the accuracy and speed at which you provide your customers with information about their account and orders? A portal solution such as DBOX would allow your business to decrease the stress on your CSR’s while being super-fast and accurate with data and updates for your customers!

What is DBOX?

Technology has skyrocketed in recent years – now, customers can generally log in to an online platform and get all of their requested information as soon as it’s available. No waiting on the phone, and definitely no waiting for an email back from a busy CSR. While the business world has definitely made strides towards transitioning everything to an online platform, certain business areas, like those related to customer service, have been left behind.

DBOX is a one of a kind web-based solution that brings customer service into the 21st century. It’s a portal that provides your customers and dealers with instantaneous access to their order, profile and account information. At a moment’s notice, your customers and dealers can log in and:

  • View their quotes and estimates
  • Retrieve sales order information – like purchase order number and shipping address
  • Send and view comments on transactions
  • Check delivery dates and status
  • View invoices, payments and shipping information
  • View and update profile information

DBOX goes beyond filling the customer service business gap. It acts as a platform for information sharing and marketing. You can share pertinent information with your customer and dealers through FAQs, document storage and news and events announcements. Basically, DBOX is the facelift that customer service needed; but rather than make it current, DBOX takes it to the next level.

Benefits and advantages of adding DBOX and technology

As your organization grows, your customer service reps become inundated with phone calls and emails, causing long hold times, delayed responses, inefficient communications and ultimately dissatisfied customers. Customers are literally a company’s most prized possessions. Forget about ROI’s, income, or even products for just one minute – without customers, none of the above would exist. So, it only makes sense that we would want to keep them happy, right?

DBOX lets you showcase the leaps and bounds your business has made in technology. It’s professional, fast, portable, and it takes your company to the next level. CSR’s are important, but they are busy! Oftentimes they run out of time in a day (I’m sure we’ve all experienced that at one point). Using DBOX to provide information to customers and actually allow them to gain control will be a vital task to growing your business. Think about this, what if your customers could log in and check the status and info on their order without bugging their CSR – can you imagine what that alone would do for the CSR? That’s valuable time that you can give back to your employee to allow your business to skyrocket.

In a nutshell

The beautiful part about DBOX is that it’s growing. It’s a hybrid solution that can constantly grow and have a vast amount of modules appended to it as they become available. DBOX is your world class customer service tool, but it has the potential to become your entire comprehensive business solution in the future. With plugins like CRM, Order Entry and Service Desk, you can increase the mobility of your business. These plugins allow you to have a comprehensive portal, and provides a one-stop shop for your businesses diverse needs. Don’t worry, we have done all of the work for you – all you need to do is ask and we will show you how DBOX is the best way to take your business into the future. Once you see the endless possibilities, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without. Focus on building your business and make managing your customers, the artery of your business, simple and professional, with DBOX.

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